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News: 2017, a year full of bad luck

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Very few things happened in 2017 and the main reason is either school that consumed my time or the mysterious wounds that appeared this summer that prevented me from using my computer, writing and playing video games ... yes it was very boring.

I worked on a few board games without much success. Else programming was limited to school work due to my restricted capacity. Medications also does not gives me a sharp mind so I currently have the productivity of a snail.

Fortunately for me that I discovered that programming games is something addictive which sometimes makes me forget the pain. So I managed to program "Donut Bob" in one of my C programming class (with another student). If you have a C compiler with SDL and Git, you can clone the project below and play. The readme file is in french but the game is in english.


Git is one of the tools I learned this fall which was really interesting, It should structure game development more easily. Git lab also have a project planifing platform included which is also fun to have everything in one place.

Next Year

Next year, I am going only video game. So I am trying my pixel board project in console mode only in order to focus on business logic. Possibly trying playtesting prototype this way or design Artificial Intelligence for board games I have. For example, I would love to make a mod that includes an AI to play Star Wars Rebellion completely solo as rebel and/or Empire. I will change some rules to make it easier to program but at least, I'll have a chance to play. Since again, very hard to find players, and I don't see much people with the wounds and school.

I also had this idea of implementing Deep Space colonization as a video game app considering there are very few screen in the game. They could probably be hard coded instead of using a generic engine. It will also give me some experience with libGDX and could finally have a published app. I'll see with the time I have. I might alternate between pixel board and this game.

Coding donut bob also gave me some ideas for classic platforming video games, but I don't have any way to deploy non-touch games right now.

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