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News: Pixel Board is still under progress, but I am taking a small break with other projects

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It has been a while since I posted, I have been working on Pixel Board all this time, I am close to make a St0ck T!ck3r game playable and designable from the software. There are so many things to design that sometimes it's hard to know where you are in your progress. When I'll get back to the project, I'll try to find the shortest path to make the game playable and designable from the software, One way to do this might be just to write a step by step tutorial and see what mandatory elements are missing. The interface for designing the game might be fragile or inconvenient, but at least, it will be working.

I made some reading on artificial intelligence lately, since I want to focus on single player games, AI is something you want learn even if using a board game style threat approach which does not work for all types of games. The next step would be to create a game with no or little board game components yet. One thought was to use a Koei style data base game like Romance of the 3 kingdoms or probably something more simple like Gemfire. In both cases, it would require an AI. The main differences is that there will be no tactical combat. I am thinking to use a dice combat system like Dragon Dice, or simply a face off card game like "War". Not sure if there will be decisions during combat resolution. Another alternative to remove the need of AI, for example by making a 1 player conquer the world game where other AI "players" are only increasing threat and resistance like in board games.

One thing I decided is that the AI aspect will have to be implemented in Java for now as it's complexity requires it to be codded manually. It could be a way to making the compiled version different than the Package Box version. So if somebody some how rip off the package box, he will have no AI. Demo games released as package box would also have no AI. Now by AI, I mean real AI that use behavior tree, min-max algorithm and expert systems. For threat AI found in cooperative board games, they should be implemented via event cards and scripting.

But now I am taking a break to clear my mind from computer programming. I am more in a design and creative phase than production phase. So I first started to work on a colored version of Eldritch Express. I also discovered a way to make oilified picture collage which allow making artwork in a small amount of time. I'll have to explore this technique more as it requires some refining. One thing for sure is that it's fun to do.

Then I will possibly like to work on my mod for Warlock. Considering I cannot reproduce master of magic, I decided to use a more conservative approach that will change the game balance while keeping the same look and feel of the game while having buildings and units which are consistent with the races available.

Then in June I'll have to take care of my garden, so I'll probably have to start coding pixel board again during summer (which could be hard with the heat) and it must be finished at most in fall because I am re-starting school ... again in September in computer science. It feels a bit like the groundhog day.

This is it for now.

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