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News: Eldritch Express is now available

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New game!

Eldritch Express is now available and a printable black and white prototype has been released. The game is not completely balanced, but it is playable. If you would like to play, download the print outs, make some playtests and give some feed back. I'll eventually print my own prototype and make test of my own with real people. I decided to suddenly put some time on this project because I wanted to take a break from programming.

Else before working on EE, I was programming my special project. The primary objective is to do a stock ticker demo game. I wanted to finish by the end of the year, but I don't think it will be possible. I hope it to be complete by spring 2016. The game will also be released as a free app on the Android app store. It will help me play with the app store and see how it works exactly before releasing a real commercial game.

As to what project will I work on when my St0ck T!ck3r will be complete, this is still in discussion (in my mind). I might have a busy spring/summer, so I might not have the time to put on it, and I could get back to school (Again, for the 3rd time) this fall which could eat me a lot of free time. I was first thinking something that would play solo without and AI. The few ideas I have considered from my list of ideas so far:

  • EricIan: Tactical modern strategy game. Relatively simple has it's only a game played on an hex board with a story/scenario selection screen. But it could require a symmetric AI.
  • Deep Space Colonization: This one requires must more component types, but the rule are fairly simple. A simply AI could be built around it.
  • Dreamscape: Battle of the Unreal: This is a tile placement game I worked with another designer. It's pretty abstract and you basically place 1 tile per turn. There could be a need for AI, but it could be done by calculating all possibilities like chess.

There are a lot of projects I would like to do later, but I think they are too complex to start with that. This is why I was looking for something more simple. But the main project I want to eventually do is:

  • Fallen Empire of Japan: A piracy game with world war 2 equipment.
  • Wrath of the Dark Sorcerer/Sith: A fantasy/sci-fi take over the realm/galaxy kind of game.

So this are the news for now. The next thing to expect is that St0ck T!ck3r game

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