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News: What an horrible year to have a curse

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Last year, I ended my review of the year by saying:

"I hope 2014 will be better ... much better. "

Well it seems that it got worse. First there were things in my personal life which I cannot talk about that delayed everything. But there are many other upside down events that occured during the year. Some of my friends thinks I am cursed.

Pausing Board Game design: The biggest thing beign stopping making board games because not only there are too many games out there, but also none of my projects seems to go anywhere. So I'll be restricting myself to very small and simple games, or only game variants. Finding players was also another issue.

Warlock Modding: All this reconsideration was triggered by modding warlock, which I did not complete, but which I had a huge amount of fun to do. Which made me realised at that point that I was having fun designing something, which rarely happened when desiging board games. I will not continue modding the game because the possibilities seems very restrictive.

Wizardry Legacy: I started in october to code a new release for wizardry. It went relatively well. Spells, Special attacks and active effects are now implemented, making all class playable. The next release will focus on making an adventure and patching the missing holes to make the adventure work.

Digital Painting: I started doing digital painting with the Art Academy software for 3DS. I finished the beginner tutorials, and I should be trying to do my own art based on pictures I googled soon. I quite enjoy doing it.

Board game: I don't know why, but I had some sort of disgust lately for board games. I skipped attending to BG conventions and session and will continue to do so in the following months. I bought Elder Sign and Eldritch Horror lately. I am focusing on games that can also be played solo, because it seems I have little opportunity to play my games.

Temporary Website Shutdown: Another important event, I had to shutdown my website for security reasons I cannot explain. Site would have reopenned gradually in february.

What's New for 2015

I decided to completely sell my soul to video games ... or almost. The new thing I am starting to work on is a project I called "Pixel Board", it is something that I am coding with LibGDX and in Java. It's about making video game for touch device, but it's much more complex than that. I am skipping the details right now because I do not want to promess anything.

I have a vision of what I want and it could be awesome for both video and board games. But I am not sure if I can succeed. I'll try building something and show it when it works. I did a lot of researh of development to see how I could make it work.

Else some tiny board game project could be worked on during the year. Especially a new idea to make an Eldritch Express Board game. Else I'll be trying to make an adventure for Wizardry Legacy to be truely playable.

Enjoy and have fun!

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