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News: Started to MOD Warlock 2: The exiled

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So what's up!

Lot of work to do in my new home limits the things I can do. I have not played board games for a while. With recent reconsideration about board game design, not only I might design more single or 2 player board games, but I might also be more likely to buy games that can be played at least as a single player.

I might try to get thunderbold and apache leader since I got an idea lately to make a variant of U.N. Squadron video game for TAL. It's in fact an exagerated version of dog fighting where you especially need to fight boss. Made a few suggestion on board game geek and the users that replied seemed very interested.

I also tried making a demo game using LIB GDX, the results were OK. I did not finish reading my book yet, I guess I'll continue that when I'll be less busy. I still hope to be able to bring my board game ideas to touch device in the future, but that does not seem to be for now.

I also got a 3DS with a painting software. I will try to make digital painting with the 3DS and when I will really need a touch device for painting or programming, I'll get one. But for now, the 3Ds should do the job, and I might use it to do some board game artwork.

Now what I am really working on right now is to make a mod for Warlock 2. I got the game during the Steam sale and now I can start modding. The goal is to make a MOD similar to the master of magic video game. I won't be able to make an exact clone because there are many restrictions I need to deal with, but I think I will be able to reproduce a relatively good experience similar to master oa magic. I'll probably build up a wiki documentation site when ready. I might do a mid development release, not sure yet.

So these are the news in my world.

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