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News: Fallen Kingdoms: Second revision ready and free!

Page: News.News201310200132PM - Last Modified : Sun, 20 Oct 13 - 1392 Visits

I am happy to announce that the 2nd revision of fallen kingdoms is finally complete and available to everyone for free. I want to thank all the people who paid for game for their support and I am still accepting donations for those who are new to the game. By making the game free, it should allow the game to get more plays and gain more popularity. Here is the link:


The second revision is better than ever. Not only graphics and errata update, but there are serious rules update that simplify many aspects of the game and rebalance a few things in the game. Thanks to 2 of my friend who were new to the game that made interesting suggestion that triggered a chain reaction which lead to the 2nd revision.

I hope everybody will enjoy and play this new revision. As for me I hope that it will be the last revision because I am tired of redoing the game all the time. This should be a lesson I have learned for my future games. All my new games will be released immediately for free to increase the amount of people that plays the game in order to solve issues that will occur in early design. Since I want my game to be very good and near perfection, I need those playtest from the community to make sure the game is as solid as possible. Then I could be looking for publishing if the game gets very popular.

Now that this is done, what else I am going to work on, besides my personnal accouting, I might work on a few of the actve prototypes I have in mind. Got new ideas recently for the master of magic board game by making it a solo game like starcraft solitaire. There will also be the re-evaluation of the active games to see if I change the order of priority or not. I got some new ideas from deep space colonisation that could make the game active. But there recent idea of a solo game for MOM somewhat trumph that idea.

I have reallised that I released nothing in 2013 besides the 2nd revision of Fallen Kingdoms. I released a few articles, but I designed no variant. I have to say that each time I redesign fallen kingdoms it eat up a couple of month. This is the reason why I want to limit redesigning the game all the time. Also the new computer ate another 2 month of installation, configuration and there are still things left to be done. Finally, I am also changing accounting system so that should take quite some time. I almost got no new board games in 2013, so no need to releave variants. Not buying games is a way to avoid me work to change them.

So I will postpone any new release to 2014. There is a couple of game in my closet I could fix, or there are some variants I could revise. Else I had a Master of Orion variant idea for eclipse that I could decide to work on.

Anyways, we'll see. I go with the flow, so I never know what is going to happen.

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