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News: Too many things to do!

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It's just funny to look at my previous post and see that half of what I was thinking of doing did not actually happened. A lot of new things happened and I needed to manage somewhat all of them at the same time by giving various priority levels.

Fallen Kingdoms: I gave my self a kick in the butt to make de 2nd revision of Fallen Kingdoms that will included updated rules, new print outs and a special surprise. The reason why I am redoing the graphics besides making it look better is to have all my source file in inkscape instead of Corel draw so that I can finally uninstall corel draw once and for all from my computer. Things looks relatively good, let say I have done around 25% of the print out re-design. Then some additional playtest and revising the rules will be necessary. I hope to finish by the end of july, but cannot garanty anything.

Programming in Java: I started to learn Java again in order to develop OUYA/Android video games via this language. I don't intend to start production of a game anytime soon, I don't even think of acquiring an OUYA this year. I intend to use LibGDX as a video game library. Being object oriented and the OUYA working in Java, it might be less a pain to work with Java/LibGDX rather than Allegro/C++. So far the learning is good. I had a quick peak at libGDX. I might at most make a small demo game like a space invaders, but nothing more for now. I am also planning to buy a new laptop, so all that java development testing should happen after my laptop installation (yes, it's a long process). If I decide to make video games in the future, it will either be board games adapted as video games or some strategy database games (like KOEI used to make)

Started to do some Digital Painting: I made a quick attempt at doing some digital painting. I did not finished reading all my books so far but the subject is very interesting. One of my friend could pass me a pen tablet to see if I am actually comfortable with it. You can see my first painting here. Instead of painting fruits, I decided to paint something similar but yet different:

My PaintingOriginal Picture

A few things I learn here could be used in the graphic redesign of Fallen Kingdoms. Especially, I need to pain the new "Palace" buildings with the new rule changes.

Other Stuff: I made some quick exploration test with my master of magic board game. I wanted to do a more solid playtest with a few defined actions but I did not have the time. As for the mystery game, I seem to have made a playable game with Thobia's prototype, but again have taken a break from it. For ratscraft, I could not jump in, but I made a rough selection of leadership cards and I found an alternate combat mechanics, so in theory, I only need to print those cards and could probably play the game.

So this is it so far. The next good news should be the release of fallen kingdoms 2nd revision and I hope it will be the last. Like I said, there will be a little surprise for everybody. Stay Tuned.

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