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News: Working on a secret project

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I am currently working on a secret project with Thobias (Fhizban). It seems I brought a very neat idea to one of his game and I thought that it would be a good thing to work cooperatively on a smaller and simplier game than duel masters, since we need to fusion 2 vision together and since we have to work at distance. I just finished a quick prototype and I should be able to playtest intensively soon.

In the months to come, I should place more time on board game design since I am taking a break from wizardry legacy. Take a look at the wizardry website to know the news. What I have in mind to work on, first the secret project. But the game is simple enough that it should not demand too much work.

Second, I will be trying to give another shot at ratscraft. I think I managed to design a temporary combat system to be able to playtest the rest of the game even if the units are not designed for combat. This should make the game progress further because I was always stuck with the problem that I had to design almost all the 27 units before playing the game. I'll try to finish the event and leadership cards with the temporary combat cards, and I think the game should be playable.

Third, I might be working of my Pacific WW2 game. I got an idea lately on using partial supply routes which simplifies some mechanics of the game and makes the expansion of territory much more interesting. I am not sure if I'll also need to make a temporary combat system because it seemed to work. But I think I'll have to improvise unit stats and make tokens to play rapidly. Again, if I have a combat system, I can start testing the test of the game.

The other problem with this game is the map. Trying to find the optimal map is a constant trouble. I might just play with the map I have for now and try to make a better map later. I am thinking to slightly increase the density of the hex to get better conquest patterns.

Finally, I have acquired some books lately about Digital painting and board game design. I might give it a try at doing digital painting, but I have problems breaking the ice. I'll need to kick my self a bit to start painting something. I don't want to become a professional artist but rather make intelligible artwork for my game ... and also enjoy the hobby.

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