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News: Participating on a Pod Cast

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A group of friend decided to start a french pod cast that should be first released in the middle of December. I decided to join in and participate to a few shows. I'll see how much time and work it will take. I never done that before, so I am a bit nervous.

The main show I am going to make is a 2 person show about board game design. We will pass through various design process, theories, myths, experiences etc. We might have a side show about practical exercise. The second show I am going to participate in is a round table with approximately 4 people where we talk about a specific subject.

I thought of making group reviews of board game but we will see how much time I have. I am interested in the project, but if it eats too much of my time, I'll have to cut somewhere else.

Wizardry Legacy Website

I wanted to start working on Wizardry Legacy, but it advanced pretty slow. Instead, I made my spell selection for all 4 classes and I am now working on a new website. I am finalising the layout and writing content. I want to place most of the game rules and design decisions on the web so that it get easier for me to search the information (rather than my notes) and so that people could learn how the game will be played.

I cannot say for sure when the site is going to be released since I am working on another wiki for the podcast and I'll have to so some accounting by the end of the year. It will probably be released in a few weeks. So just check out Larienna's Library home page once a while.

Pixel Board Project

I previously talked about the possibility to make a board game framework to develop video games. I still like the idea, but it has been put on ice for now. I'll wait for the OUYA to be released and complete other projects before doing anything with this. At least I found the name and it will be called "Pixel Board".

Enjoy and have fun!

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