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News: Comment Boxes added on some pages plus other news

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Comment Boxes

In order to gather more comment and ideas about my game, I decided to add comments boxes to my web site for my game ideas pages. So now players will have a chance to comment their rating. I'll see how it work out and hope not having too much junk. I might eventually add comment box on other pages.

Game design progress

I have made some progress for a space game called "Deep Space Colonisation" (previously named "overlord") which is inspired on San Juan and Stellar Conquest. The game does not seem that complicated, but I am waiting for my copy of San Juan before trying to design my first card list for the prototype.

Pacific storm also looks good. I made a couple of quick tests, especially combat but it was set aside for now. I had a new idea that I named "Dark Sorcerer" where a powerful sorcerer is fighting multiple kingdoms at once. The basic idea was to make a single player game, but I'll probably try to give multi-player options. After the success of Starcraft solitaire, I thought that might be able to make a solitaire game on my own.

Video Game programming

In the following weeks, I intend to jump back in video game programming in order to continue my wizardry legacy problem. The next development segment consist in implementing the combat system and everything related to it. I am not feeling well right now so it might get delayed.

With the upcoming OUYA open video game console, I am exploring the possibility to port my Fallen Kingdom board game to OUYA or other Android platform. Instead of selling games as print and play, that could be the solution to release my future games. I would design an open source library/frame work to be able to handle game components and would need to implement the rules and Artificial intelligence for the game.

It all depends on how much time it will take to develop these games. Considering that publishing a board game required a lot of resources, I actually like the idea of electronic distribution via video games rather than print and play. But if it demands too much development time, that simply cost me time that I could spend designing other games. So I'll probably make a test with Fallen Kingdoms first and if it works well I might do other game. Since most game have a hidden aspect for each player, like a hand of card, it would be cool if the OUYA could support connection with a tablet to allow showing player cards or other hidden information on the tablet while showing the board on the screen.

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