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News: Starcraft Invasions is now ready

Page: News.News201201280940AM - Last Modified : Sat, 28 Jan 12 - 1556 Visits

The starcraft invasions solitaire variant is now complete. It allows people to enjoy playing their game without having to convince their friend to play the game which can be pretty long and brain burning. Now the only person you need to convince is yourself!

So if you have the starcraft game, I strongly suggest you take a look. The idea of the game is that you defend a galaxy of 3 planets that constantly get invaded by 2 opposing faction to destroy the resources. You need to accumulate 15 victory points before the event deck runs out. It looks a bit like a tower defence game, except that there is no tower.

The player's gameplay is almost like the original game, so you really have the feeling of playing the real game, but you can play alone. Playing alone is very interesting because you and plan your orders and resources spending right on the board since you do not have to hide it from other players. It is also possible to play this variant with 2 players in the same or separate galaxies.


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