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News: The master project

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On thing I thought a long time ago was to design a system that could both be used for a master of orion and master of magic board game. The idea is that it would make both games more solid, and if both games share a lot of components, they could be packaged together as 2 games sold into 1 box.

Since the master of magic board game project (titled as spellcraft rise of the sorcerer) is very complex, I was thinking to design a free master of orion project that will be open to the public. While this game is out, I'll be able to gather comments and make modifications. This will then be used as a foundation to build up the master of magic game which will be sold. If I can manage to get the license and print the game (I am dreaming), I would try to make sure both games could be sold in the same box.

The main feature of Mater of Orion compared to let say eclipse is the simplification and abstraction of many concepts while having enough complexity to have almost 100 different technologies. Master of magic board game would push this further by converting the the technology abilities into spells that will be cast though a deck building system.

I am currently working on a lot of variants right now and I have a lot of video games to play/try, so a MOO board game is not for now, but it's just to inform about the direction the project has taken.

About some variant ideas I am working on:

Starcraft invasions: A solitaire games that requires further testing to balance the difficulty of the game.

Rune age Buildings: Gives each factions buildings that could be tapped to activate some effects. Need many test to know what are the best buildings each faction needs.

About some games I have worked lately on:

Ratscraft: Seems to be much more interesting, needs to do some independent test and design units before progressing. See the latest development notes can be found here.

Hacker Express: Recent idea to simplify the hacker board game and make it an express dice game.

Else I am currently in the long process of plastifying Eclipse, Elemental fallen enchanteress demo is about to be released, so I might want to play, and my girlfriend want me to play skyrim. So I am pretty busy on all sides.

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