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News: RSS Feeds are somewhat working

Page: News.News201112121022AM - Last Modified : Mon, 12 Dec 11 - 1611 Visits

In order for people to keep in touch with the updates of my site, I tried to see if I could implement a RSS Feed system. Fortunately, PmWiki offers the option to convert some pages as an RSS feed. This is wonderful because I do not have to manage anything manually. I added in the top right corner of the site the RSS link which should convert any page to an RSS feed.

Unfortunately, not all pages can be converted as an RSS feed. Only trails of pages can be used and the only trail of pages I have on my site is the "Guides and Handbook". So I tried to find other ways to generate RSS feed and discovered that I could make feed out of groups of pages. This is nice because it could allow people to narrow down their feed content. Because there is no direct link for group feeds, I made an RSS Feed page that contains the most important feeds and I also added the all recent changes feed in case you really want to know all the details.

Now, the site generates a feed each time a page is added or modified. After I made some test with Thunderbird, it seems that modifications of pages previously deleted are downloaded but not shown in the reader because they are considered already read. That could be a feature if you only want to learn about the new created pages. For some feeds, like "News", that will not be a problem because every news creates a new page. But if I update the content of a game idea, it will not be shown in Thunderbird but in FireFox, updates are working fine.

There is still some test to do and there might be some modifications in the way I write things to make sure stuff get fed accurately. For example, right now, it seems that only the title of the page is posted. I might need to duplicate some text in the description to make sure the content can be sent directly in the reader.

I hope some people will find the feeds useful and I hope it will not generate too much spam in your mail box considering that all the posting is done automatically.


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