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News: Fallen Kingdom Revision

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I am trying to see if I can find a way to produce a small quantity of my Fallen Kingdoms game in real printed edition. I am shopping around in Montreal for printed an manufacturer that could produce the pieces I want. It's very hard to find since most of them don't have websites or don't answer their e-mail.

So this has forced me to revise the game. Components needs to be redesigned to reduce the cost, have the right layout, or standardize the components size. I am currently working on these modifications, which means that even if I do not successfully publish a printed version of the games, the electronic print outs will be updated.

Here is a quick glance of the modifications that could be done:

  • Maps: Change the colors of the city, correct some errors, Change invasion arrows.
  • Kingdom Sheet: Re-size the sheet and combine with the reference sheet. So no more reference sheet.
  • Scoring track: Change of the texture and layout.
  • Tokens: Remove bevel Borders
  • Scoring token: Same size as unit tokens.
  • Buildings: New artwork for new player buildings for optional rules.
  • Player markers (invader/First player): Will now be cards.
  • Cards: Will change some layout, add a dark corners, change the back of the card's gradient to white. Make reference cards with extra cards.
  • Cover: Will make changes to the texture and layout of the cover. Will reuse it for the back of the new cards.
  • Rules: Revise the rules, make some changes, Add a french translation. Change the colors.

For those who had already purchased the game, it should not be a problem. Drive through RPG allows me to upload new files and even send a notice to everybody that bought the game. I'll have to double check with War Game downloads, but I think people can still re-download a game once they bought it, so I don't think it will be a problem.

Of course, I'll spread the new when the new print outs are releases and if a printed version get's manufactured. I am thinking of producing from 50-100 games. Assembly and distribution should be made by myself. I will probably sell some copies online, and I might distribute some copies to retail stores locally. It all depends on the price it will cost me to make each game.

I am also thinking to release the rules of the game online for free so that my game get's more exposure. I might do this if a printed version get's released.

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