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News: Elemental's Master of Magic mod is suspended

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After working with the XML, there is too much things hard coded in the game engine to actually make another game out of it. Many of the XML variables has no impact on the game, and many other elements are out of my control. So I said that we should probably wait between 6-12 months before working on the game again.

Fortunately, Stardocks has announced it's first expansion called "Fallen Enchanteress" which should be released this summer. Apparently, the will be a lot of add-on to the game play and designers are actually going to add things to the code. So I hope that the engine will be easier to mod when the expansion will be released. So I suggest to suspend the project until the expansion is released.

Back to the old stuff

Which brings me back to board game design. I have been working on a few stuff lately. I designed a new map for my Spellcraft 4x fantasy game. I also got new game play ideas like expanding economy, but I have an hard time making the core of the game work. Maybe I need more game design experience.

I made a geek list of 4X games on board game geek which seems to create a small controversy. I am evaluating each aspect of each game to determine how much 4X a game is. There are still a lot of games to evaluate.

I also got new ideas for Ratscraft. Right now, it seems very interesting besides a few details and I would be very happy if I could have a working game before this summer.

I thought that since Ratscraft is based on the Starcraft board game, it might be easier for me to build up the game even if it is almost a complete new game. It was the same conditions for Fallen Kingdoms which was inspired on Britania while still being a game on it's own.

Finally, I am trying to setup a new website that will be called the "Haunted Archives". It contains all the projects and other things I tried creating in my life. It contains mostly dead projects, and the reason why they are haunted is because you could actually be scared of what you can find there.


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