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News: Still working on Elemental

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I have written my first design document and I am now trying to implement some of the listed changes. The design document can be found here:


Else you can see the any activity on the mod here


There is currently no much discussion going on right now. My most recent work consist in working on how the maps looks like for the user. Some screen shots can be found on this thread.


Board game design active have slowed down, but I still write a few ideas here and there. I might work on some quick variants if I have some time, but nothing more.

By the way, I sold at least 10 copies of Fallen Kingdoms during the Christmas sale. I am still waiting for some numbers from wargames download. I would be very pleased to have sold 2 dozens of games, hope to have from 25 to 50 games sold by June. I should post the detailed information in June to inform how much copies I sold as print and play in one year. I think that information could be worth sharing with other people who intend to publish their games the same way.

There is also a theory that it takes a lot of time before a print and play get's known. So it might take 10 years before people get to know my game. Who knows.

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