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News: I will possibly host my sites else where

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I have just realized recently that the server where I am currently hosting this website cannot currently be seen outside Quebec and Ontario. This is really not a good thing for me who want to reach a broader audience.

Now one of my friend currently have a paid for web hosting and he is not using it at his full potential. He could allow me to host my sites on his site. I would only need to pay for my own domain name.

If I actually agree to his proposition, that would imply many good and bad things.

Bad things

  • It will take some time to transfer my stuff on my new site
  • The website will be located elsewhere so people will have to update their links.
  • The structure of this website will slightly vary.
  • My older websites/projects will be destroyed and archived.

Good things

  • I'll have my own domain name. So the access it will be easier for user.
  • I can sub-domain each of my websites.
  • The web site will be visible outside Quebec and Ontario
  • I'll be able to upload files without much restrictions.
  • I'll have an SQL database giving me the opportunity to develop or install php applications.

So on the long term, there would be a lot of advantages to gain from this. The structure of the web site will change. Larienna's library will now become the core of all my websites. This well site will be labeled as "board games and game design" which is part of "larienna's library".

I have a small list of projects that I might eventually implement.

  • Haunted archives: All my previous websites will be archived there. I will also upload many old files that I created in the past and which collect dust on my computer.
  • Library catalog: I intend of install a library management software to catalog my personal collection of books. I am a library technician so it's in my blood to do something like this.
  • Thematic Index: I want to create a tool which would consist of a list of thematic words that would help game developers to brainstorm or select thematic information for their games. I am still searching for a platform that could allow me to support that without having to code it myself.

So this is the ideas I have so far. You could probably expect some changes in the future.

I hope you enjoy the results.

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