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News: Dune Express Alliances new version and print outs coming soon

Page: News.News201011010511AM - Last Modified : Mon, 01 Nov 10 - 1647 Visits

I have almost finished working a new print out for my Dune Express Alliances variant. It should be available soon. I have experienced some problems which prevented it from being already released. I also made some changes to the rules. The duels are now more interesting and a few details has been tweaked.

As for Elemental, I joined a Master of Magic modding team and I should be working on the game design adaptatation. But right now Elemental seems worst than I thought since it's hard to MOD. In fact it looks easy, but most of the modifications does not work. So I am not sure if we will have to wait for a lot of updates before having a tool that works well.

I am still dreaming of getting my hands on the original source code. It would make a playable game in much less time.

Anyways, that is the news for now.

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