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News: Navigation Changes and restoration of the picture gallery

Page: News.News201007171242PM - Last Modified : Sat, 17 Jul 10 - 1715 Visits

Ok, I made some minor changes to the website lately, it should be very subtle. I modified the pages and the template when there is a list of pages. Each page has a link at the bottom which allows you to get back to the previous list instead of clicking in the menu. This is especially useful when people get a direct link to a game idea or a variant and does not know who to get access to the complete game or variant list.

The second modification that many people will like, especially new visitors, is that I have linked some pictures located in the board game ideas pages on the main prototype picture pages. I will only include 1 picture per game idea, probably the most recent one, and there will be a link to the game idea's game. This way, like in the old days, people are going to be able to see most of the prototypes I have done so far in a glance.

For me, it's a bit a pain because I need to copy paste the links, this is why I will only include the latest most significant pictures.

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