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News: Fallen Kingdoms is finally released and in sale

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After many years of work, Fallen Kingdoms is finally released. I hope my next game will take much less time to develop. Now that I know the whole production process, I can try to develop tools and techniques to speed up the process. I also have new solftware to learn. I think the first game is the hardest one to publish since everything is new: you need to create accounts, sign contracts, etc. All these things won't have to be done the next time I publish a game.

The game is available as print and play downloads. It is currently available on 2 websites. Look on the buy page of fallen kingdoms to get the links directly to the store. Buy it from any site you like.

List of place to buy the game

The game is currently in sale. I am making a release sale at 20% off until July 10th, 2010. If you have been waiting for this game, hurry up, there is your chance.

My game might get released on other Print and play web site. I asked "boardgamesnow" and they don't accept submission right now. Still, there is a user on the BGDF that is starting his print and play web site: www.gamesinprint.com. The site should be opening on June 30th. There is a strong possibility that my game gets on this site too. The major difference is that this site will make quality check of on the products that gets submitted to remove the crap found on many other sites.

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