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News: Name Change

Page: News.News201005251045AM - Last Modified : Tue, 25 May 10 - 1697 Visits

Before the release of my first game, I decided to change the name of my site. Once of the reason is that duvack's tower did not represent anything about myself, and I also had problems finding a cool logo.

Now with Larienna's library, first it use my most common used nick name on the internet, second it represent the fact that I am a library technician, third I could make a cool logo and fourth libraries can still hold games in their collection. So it all feels better to me.

As for Fallen Kingdoms, everything is done, I just need to print fill and sign up the contracts. It should be available on www.RPGnow.com and its friends, and on www.wargamesdownload.com. After that, I will ask again for www.boardgamesnow.com. I am aiming to release the game on June 1st.

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