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News: Game ideas: Now with star ratings

Page: News.News201005161207PM - Last Modified : Sun, 16 May 10 - 1548 Visits

I have implemented a star rating system for each of my game ideas. The objective is to know what people want or not. The rating will influence which game will be developed first or which game will be abandoned. It's not a final verdict, it will only be used as a tool.

I also added another field called "Objectives" which describe why do I want to make this game. I will have to edit back all ideas currently available to add this field.

Anyways, please give ratings to some game ideas. I made some test and it should work, but I could still not test it for the game ideas themselves since I don't want to influence the rating. You should be able to vote once per game idea and the stars should appear in the game idea list. If none of this happens, just send me a message.

Have Fun!

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