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News: Fallen Kingdoms is about to get published

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I am that close to publish my game. All the print out are done. I need to finish some details in the rule layout and design the box cover. Then I need to sign the contracts, add the game to Board game geek and every think should be complete. Finally.

I tried to search for registering a company name as a "Doing business as" but it seems that it does not exist in Canada (nobody knows anything). So I will publish my game under my personal name instead.

I have asked for more information on Print and play websites and I got answers from "war games download" and "RPG now". It's almost sure that I will publish on theses website. I also contacted "board games now" but they said they were busy and that I should try submitting next month.

There is also a user on the board game designer forum who would like to make a print and play website which has a certain level of quality. He was asking for submissions. If his web site is about to come alive, I might publish there too. I am not looking for any exclusive publishing, I want to publish to as many web sites as possible.

Unless something wrong happens, the next message should be when the game get's released.

thank you for your patience.

Eric P626

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