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News: Changes to the website

Page: News.News201003280351PM - Last Modified : Sun, 28 Mar 10 - 1495 Visits

I made some changes recently to this website.

  1. Game ideas: Each of my game ideas now have a separate page. You can view the description and some pictures of the idea including many other information. It also mean that all the prototype pictures which were on the "Prototype picture" page has been moved respectively in each of these game's page. I will eventually post new ideas that has not been prototyped yet on the board game page. This page is also a tool for me because it allow me to keep track of ideas and projects I wanted to do and simply forgot.
  2. Donation: I have placed a paypal button for donations in the side menu. I don't expect to receive a lot of donation since I have not done much games right now, but you never know, sometimes there are some people which has a lot of generosity.
  3. Complete board game collection: Maybe some of you are curious to know what are all the games in my board game collection and refresh my page all the time to view 4 different games in the side bar. Now I managed to create a link on board game geek that show my whole collection with pictures of every game.


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