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News: New Fallen Kingdoms demo and Dune express

Page: News.News201003120159PM - Last Modified : Fri, 12 Mar 10 - 1577 Visits

I have made a new demo for Fallen Kingdoms which is now more up to date with the full game. The is a lot of small changes I made which influence the game and the demo now use the same scoring system than the full version of the game. There has been some changes to the components to make sure it looks closer to how the real game is beign designed right now. I hope you like the demo and leave feed back.

I will continue working the the graphic design after this release, still I recently had a major distraction called "Dune Express". I find the design so interesting that I am designing variants to make this game even better. So you might eventually see new variants for this game soon. Still this game design gave me an idea to make a Twilight Imperium Express. So this is another distraction that will unfortunately use some of my time. So be patient for the full game release.

Eric P626

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