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News: Still working rules and graphic design of Fallen Kingdoms

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I am playetsting every week to make the small adjustment required to make the game work. I have realized that one of the problem with this game is that there is a delicate balance to achieve where one element can disturb the balance of the whole game.

I have made some improvements so far but there are still some problem to solve. For example, I tried a new scoring system where the trophies get multipled by each other and I got disastrous results. The problem with the scoring is that first, my game does not last that long. It last around 4-6 turns. Second, at the beginning of the game, players score really few points which makes a score very close and insignificant for the first 3 turns and then it jumps faster near the end. So I must find a way to make sure that the score increase relatively well at the begenning and also that the player can make important jump in the score with a few good strategic moves.

Else, I am currenly working on the graphic design of the game which takes much more time than expected. But at least, the results seems nice. I will post some screen shot of the design to give you an idea and collect comments. Since the changes I make to the rules are really small, I can start the production of components without having to restart designing components.

I want to finish that game for good since I am tired of working on it and I want to do other things. But on the other hand, I do not want to release a crappy game. So I'll try to do my best to release a good game without taking too much time.

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