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News: Fallen Kingdoms, tested with the designer group

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2 days ago, I play tested my game with the designers group. It worked pretty well. Still there was a couple of odd behaviors in the game that I could not predict until I played with real players. So I might do some minor changes to the game that I would list here:

Invasions: In order to speed up the invasion process which slowdown the game, I'll use a mechanic which has much less dice rolling. I got some inspiration from Vinci for the new invasion mechanics.

Special player buildings: I will remove these buildings, because they simply slowdown the game (real buildings does not get built) and encourage camping (no invasions). But I might add extra buildings so that at the end when the buildings are exhausted, there is still something to build.

Scoring: The scoring system is a bit flawed because it encourage concentrating in the same type of trophy, but I want trophies to deplete evenly. So I have to encourage players to do many different kind of things.

Gods: This is a new rule I was thinking recently. Each player will be controlling a god that will each have a unique special power usable once per civilization. It also explains why you control many different civilizations: each of these civs follow the same god.

So that is it for now. I'll solo test these new changes. I am also working on some artwork and on the graphic design of the components for the final game. I hope it won't take too long. Once these changes are approved, I'll try to update the demo in consequence.

Also, One of my friend commented in detail the rules of the real game and there was some problems in the rule structure I have used which makes it more unclear than I thought to people who does no know the game. While I update my rules, I might also update the demo rules.

Mean while, our designers group decided that it should be better if we could meet twice a month, maybe during the week. It might get easier to plan meetings this way.

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