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News: Fallen Kingdoms Demo is available

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The Falling kingdoms's demo is finally available. This demo is a downgraded version of the real game. It's goal it to give the players an idea of how the game works without giving the experience of the full game. All the information about the demo is on this page:


I hope you enjoy it and give feedback.

The real game should get published as print and play in the few months to come. It depends on my free time. I intend to do some artwork for the game. I have realized lately that I could do some interesting painting artwork using the computer even If I had not any artistic talents. There is an example of artwork I did that will be used as port icons in the final game:


It might not be the best artwork in the world, but when the image will be shrunk down to 3/4 of an inch, all the imperfections will suddenly disappear.

The game should be shown to the designer group in January to receive final comments. Still, even if I get really negative feedback, I really feel like the game is ready to be released since there is nothing in the game right now that actually annoys me which was the case for previous versions of the game.

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