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News: New variants and Fallen Kingdoms Demo

Page: News.News200912160738AM - Last Modified : Wed, 16 Dec 09 - 1512 Visits

I am currently taking a small break of Fallen Kingdoms, one of the reason is that I want more playtest with real players and it is very hard right now because I have problems finding playtesters. I am thinking of making a demo. Since the game is not that much complicated, I think I will need to cut down a lot of things for the demo. It will not be the same game, but at least you should be able to get a good look and feel of the real game. If you like the demo, you should like the real game. I should start producing the final product in January and hope to publish the game at the beginning of February.

This december, I am trying to write some variants I had designed some time ago. I have released lately a variant for Oceania and there is a Dungeon Twister variant coming in. Soon there should also be a revision of the Arena Maximus variant which now have being tested with magic spells. Other variants I have in mind: Create a new victory system for Age of Mythology (which I already made a variant). Make a twilight Imperium Variant, I am not sure yet because I think it will demand a lot of work for the time I have.

Lately, I had a quick design idea that takes place in japan and that would cover various time period but it's still an idea. The only thing I did so far is the map.

That is it for now.

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