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News: Fallen Kingdom will go to Hippodice

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I have heard lately of a board game competition in Germany called Hippodice. Since my game is near completion and since ithas a touch of euro gaming, I decided to submit my game to the competition. The submission is not done yet. I am still trying to do a few playtest and make the rules as clear as possible.

The primary objective of Hippodice will be first to know If I can make games people likes. If I do the first pass, I would be pretty happy. Second, If I even end up in the finalist, It might makes my game published. This will same me a lot of production time if self published or a lot of time to find a publishing company. So in overall it saves me time and it allows me to get known which might not have been the case if I self-published via Print and Play.

If Fallen Kingdoms get published, It will be easier for me to self-publish via Print and Play afterward and I will also be able to do less Euro style games since I have very few euro style games in my list of design ideas.

So I hope for the best.

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