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News: Fallen Kingdoms is on hold

Page: News.News200906100956AM - Last Modified : Wed, 10 Jun 09 - 1627 Visits

I have officially placed fallen kingdoms on hold. The reason why is that I can't find any solution to the problems I have. It seems that the game balance is very important in this game and I am trying every mechanic I can to see if it works. So I rather want to change my mind on another game where the balance and calculations are not so much important

I am not sure exactly what I'll work on. I thought of working on Pacific storm. I got this new idea of placing everything on cards to allow an almost 100% hidden information game. Which mean I could have the core of the game working. I would only need to add the chrome afterward: Technologies, Fictional scenarios, European front, Natural Disasters, etc.

Else I thought that sub attack could be a quick game to finish but I still have to do some research about submarine equipment.

Finally, there is the overlord (a space development and warfare game) that I could fusion with another space game that could create a board game which could be a reimplementation of the "Master of Orion" video game. On the first look, it seems simple since the whole game is focused on the technologies you get, but for that kind of game, I am sure I can add a lot of things like in "Spellcraft Power and ambition" which is based on the "master of magic" video game. Still I thought that if this space game is simple, it could help me afterward design the more complex spell craft.

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