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I recently added new sections on the website. I have taken lately a lot of picture of my prototypes and some other things. So I intend to post the pictures on the website. I also intend to make a guide on how to plastify board game and build print and play games. So I have taken pictures of each steps and there should be a working guide soon.

So the picture uploads are not complete, I made some test to see if it worked and now I will submit more in the weak to come.

As for my game in design, fallen kingdoms, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had new ideas which seems to makes the game easier and better, so it's a good thing. There is a few details I am not sure about yet, but I always hope to have a complete workable game soon.

Finally, I should also release soon the home made version of Vinci. All the print outs are completed I just need to make PDF and maybe to revise the text for some errors.

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