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High digitizability (4)

A few blasters in the snow: The battle for Hoth (modified on 2020-01-27)

A simple free PnP board game that simulate the battle of hoth in star wars.

Console Wars (modified on 2020-01-27) 5 stars

Each player is a company that design and produce video game and consoles. The idea is to publish games and reseach new technology to design the best console.

One Corp, to rule them all (modified on 2021-01-12)

A solitaire or 2 player financial game where players needs to make the largest corporation by acquiring and fusion companies

Speculative bubbles (modified on 2022-03-09)

A simple stock ticker game using cards.

Good digitizability (3)

Dark World: Hacking Console (modified on 2020-01-27)

A solitaire deck building game where you play a hacker who want to infiltrate a cluster of servers while the admin try everything to stop you.

Eldritch Express (modified on 2023-01-18) 4 stars

An eldritch Horror dice game that plays in an hour

Fallen Empire of Japan (modified on 2020-01-27)

An alternate World War 2 History where the players control a pirate fleet or ship and wander in the pacific which is under japanese control.

Hacker Express (modified on 2020-01-27) 5 stars

An attempt to make an express dice game out of Steve Jackson's board game Hacker.

Rise from the sewers (modified on 2020-01-28)

A attempt to make a good serious Ninja Turtle free game.

Living Nightmare: Wrath of the Dark Prince (modified on 2020-01-27)

In 1871, Dracula has been given powers to conquer europe with two generals of his choice in order to spread terror to restore the balance of nature. Meanwhile the european countries gather their forces to resist the invasion and fight back Dracula up to his castle.

Pacific Storm (the title might change) (modified on 2020-11-07) 3.5 stars

The idea behind this game is to create a simple Pacific World War 2 game that would recreate the feeling of the war's strategy. Perfect simulation is not an objective for this game, playability is more important.

DSC:Deep Space Colonization (modified on 2020-01-27) 2 stars

A space strategy game that takes place in a single solar system. Players must plan ahead planet rotation speed to time their attack. Most of all the information is hidden, so you never know what your enemy actually have.

Pocket Fairy: Adventures in Fairy Land (modified on 2020-01-27) 4 stars

An adventure game where players play a fairy. Various adventures can be played with the same game and players can create their own.

Pawn King, The (modified on 2020-01-26)

Each player is a family of nobles that manipulate the king to do want they want. Eventually, one of the family would overthrown the king.

Wrestler Manager (modified on 2020-01-28)

Players are wrestler managers that create match between their wrestler to gain money and titles. It might also be possible to do some acting through the game.

Spellcraft: The covenant (modified on 2020-01-27)

A resource management game where player controls a covenant of sorcerers. You need to improve your covenant and offer services to the outside world.

To rule them all (modified on 2020-01-26)

A board game that requires no table where players exchange objects and try to control other players.

Adventures of Rajo Lopez, The (modified on 2020-01-26)

Join of the crew of captain Rajo Lopez, a pirate swashblucker, who sails the seas for adventure. Many challenges and treasures awaits on his path, are you willing to take the risks?

Average digitizability (2)

Another 19th Century Train Game (modified on 2020-01-27) 4 stars

This game could be summarised as 18XX meets Puerto Rico.

Larienna's Dark Tower (modified on 2020-01-27)

6 factions are competing to reach larienna's Dark Tower who gave them a challenge. The winner will get access to her library.

GI-Joe cards game (Maybe re-themed as EricIan) (modified on 2020-01-26)

A card game where players manage their deck as resources to accomplish missions. Will probably be re-themed since I doubt the GI-Joe license will be available.

Rats Craft : Home Invasion (modified on 2022-03-08)

A parody of the Star Craft video game and board game where you control a band of rats that infest an house while their inhabitant are in vacation. Players will have to learn sharing the space and resources else war will be the only solution. Mean while the house cat is determined to defend the house by controlling the corridor. Other cat reinforcement are on the way.

Three Kingdoms: The art of war (modified on 2020-01-26) 5 stars

This game would be a board game version of the famous romance of the 3 kingdoms historical period. The game will also try to add many of the concepts found in the "Art of war" manual.

Spellcraft: Designable Card Game (modified on 2020-05-12) 0 stars

A creasure summoning game inspired on duel masters where players can customise their own cards.

EricIan (modified on 2022-02-07) 4 stars

A game of modern warfare where each player controls a series of units and tries to capture cities on the board

Nightshade (Not the official title) (modified on 2020-01-26)

A investigation and crime fighting game that takes place in the 20ies where players play a heroe that must compete against the evil mastermind which is also played by a player. The goal is to prevent him from executing the evil master plan of doom.

War Mecha (modified on 2020-01-27) 4 stars

A tactical mecha battlefield game that use a deck of cards as character sheet.

Sub Attack (modified on 2020-01-27) 3 stars

A simple submarine game where a player hunt the ships of another player's fleet.

Big trouble in Japan (modified on 2020-01-27) 4.5 stars

A game where you fight for control of japan, in a very unusual way, through the ancient, modern and high tech age. New ideas consist in making this a civilization game that occurs only in Japan.

Spaceship Rally (modified on 2020-01-27) 3 stars

You design and follow the deeds of a small space ship and it's crew that will perform various space rally. A rally is a series of objectives and obstacles that will give points. The better you perform, the more money you receive to pay your crew and upgrade your ship.

Double 0 Agent (modified on 2020-01-27) 3 stars

A player is playing a secret agent that want to stop the plans of the bad guy. Meanwhile, our agent meet other characters, played by other players, which could be double agents, bad guy's minions or totally neutral to the conflict. But if our agent gets into trouble, he always have some secret gadgets to save himself.

Castle Siege (modified on 2020-01-27) 4 stars

A game where you siege a castle, one player is the defender and the other one is the attacker. Players have access to various kinds of units and castle layout to spice things up

Pirates and Ninjas (modified on 2020-01-28)

Each player plays a group of pirates and ninja's. The ninja's are hidden on the board and travel by land while the pirates travel by sea. The game could be re-themed as an hacker game.

Drakian War (modified on 2020-01-27) 3 stars

Some sort of non-collectible card game where each player control a base on a planet and try to capture their opponent's base.

War of steel (modified on 2020-01-27) 4 stars

A fictional war game that combines ideas from the first and second world war with science fiction. The basic idea is that you follow the evolution of you country, in a world war theme, and you try to make the best out of it.

Suburban Prestige (name to be changed) (modified on 2020-01-27)

Each players owns a house and they want to buy stuff around the house to impress their neighbor. The goal is to be the most prestigious house on the street.

Card Master, the (modified on 2020-01-27)

A card game that use tarot size cards. Each card has a unique name and can be used differently in various situations. The goal is to destroy your opponents cards.

3 ninjas (modified on 2020-01-26)

A simple abstract game where a player controls 3 ninjas which assault the other player's castle.

Tower of Wizardry (modified on 2020-01-27)

Players control a party of heroes that adventure themselves in a tower ruled by a mad wizard that lives at the top of the tower.

Low digitizability (1)

Wrath of the Dark Sorcerer OR Dark Lord (modified on 2021-09-20)

A player play a powerful sorcerer which is bored and willing to conquer the land while all other kingdoms which were currently at war with each other decides to join forces to stop the mad wizard.

Spellcraft: Early war (modified on 2020-01-27)

A simple game where you produce units in your kingdom and invade adjacent player kingdoms. The game is very compact and use little components.

Spellcraft: Rise of the Sorcerers: Expandable Edition (modified on 2020-01-27)

This a 2nd attempts to make a Master of Magic board game by using an expandable game approach to allow more varity and simplify the game development.

Nes mania (modified on 2020-01-27)

A board game about a video game side scroller. The idea is that you need to complete all the stages of the game before your opponents does it. But while playing video games, many thing can happen like cheating computers, broken controllers, cheap collision detection, etc.

Hide and seek (name to be changed) (modified on 2020-01-28)

The game takes place in some sort of maze where the players try to run aways from the monsters. One of the player is a traitor and actually wants the player to lose

Spellcraft: Chess (modified on 2020-01-27) 2 stars

A chess like game where each player has a selection of summoned creatures and spells. There are multiple army configuration, board configuration and play modes.

Shadow: Spirit of the ninja (modified on 2022-10-21) 4.5 stars

A cooperative ninja game where players attacks a location and try to fulfill their missions. The game focus more on the strategic aspect rather than the tactical aspect (How do I kill this guy)

Spellcraft: Sorcerers adventure (modified on 2020-01-27)

An adventure game that tries to create a sorcerer's life to each player. Would you become the leader of a kingdoms, of a religious cult or simply the most popular dragon slayer.

no digitizability (0)

Spellwards: Age of the Sorcerers (modified on 2020-01-28)

Another attempt at a master of magic remake using an action based system and massive simplification.

Spell Wards: Rival Sorcerers (modified on 2022-02-07) 5 stars

A master of magic micro game where each players use a deck of 18 cards to manage his city and covenant while trying to eliminate the opposing rival wizard in the same area.

Spellcraft: Rise of the Sorcerers (modified on 2020-01-27) 4 stars

An epic, civilization like, game where you play a powerful wizard that wants to control the world. The primary objective is to remake Master of Magic as a board game.

Orion (not the official title) (modified on 2020-01-27) 5 stars

An epic space conquest game where each player plays a race that wants to control the galaxy.

Dracula's Castle or Nightmare Hunter (modified on 2022-02-07) 4.5 stars

Each player plays a character who needs to find or do something in dracula's castle. Dracula, which is played by a player, might not like it which could force the player to hunt down Dracula.

Dragon Realm (modified on 2020-01-27) 5 stars

Players control a family of dragon that wishes to conquer the kingdoms of the land.

Spellcraft: Battlefields (modified on 2022-04-20)

A tactical fantasy war game where each player controls and army and need to fulfill certain conditions to win the battle. It's indirectly a remake of "Battle Master".

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