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This page will contains all the dates where something was released. I will exclude any simple additions to the site, they can be seen in the "All recent changes" link at the bottom of the page. So I will only include new productions, like games, demo, variants or documents. It allows me to keep track of the work I did in a certain period of time. This list is manually updated and might be incomplete. Also take note that many material has been done before the creation of the website. So the date shown here is the date I put it on my website. I'll check BGG and try to get the original dates.

Scarab Lords: Action Point variant1.0 + 1.1VariantMarch 11th, 2017
Eldritch Express1.1GameMay 21st, 2016
Eldritch Express1.0GameDecember 7th, 2015
Fallen Kingdoms2nd revisionGameOctober 20th, 2013
Viktory 2: Alternate Reference Sheet1.0MaterialSeptember 16th, 2012
DungeonQuest: Determination XP1.0VariantAugust 21st, 2012
Cleopatra: Corruption & Auction Less Variant1.0VariantAugust 16th, 2012
Puerto Rico: Another 2 player variant1.0VariantAugust 16th, 2012
Lord of the Rings: Confrontation1.0VariantApril 7th, 2012
Dune Express Alliances1.5VariantMarch 14th, 2012
Starcraft Invasions1.2VariantJanuary 28th, 2012
Starcraft Invasions1.0VariantJanuary 25th, 2012
Fallen Kingdoms1st RevisionGameNovember 27th, 2011
Dungeon Quest: Dice Combat Variant exp(3)1.0VariantJune 19th, 2011
Age of Mythology: Melting Pot2.0VariantMarch 24th, 2011
Settlers of Catan: 2 player1.0VariantJanuary 9th, 2011
Dungeon Quest: Combat and deviation table1.0VariantDecember 7th, 2010
Dune Express Alliances1.3VariantNovember 22nd, 2010
Leonardo Da Vinci variant1.0VariantJune 28th, 2010
Fallen Kingdoms---GameJune 8th, 2010
Dune Express Alliances1.2.0VariantMay 26th, 2010
Fallen Kingdoms1.11.5DemoMay 11th 2010
Dune Express Alliances1.0.0VariantMarch 16th, 2010
Fallen Kingdoms1.11.0DemoMarch 12th, 2010
Fallen Kingdoms1.9.5DemoJanuary 10th 2010
Arena Maximus variant1.1.3VariantDecember 19th, 2009
Dungeon Twister: No cards and gem collection1.1.0VariantDecember 16th, 2009
Oceania: Scout Exploration1.0.0VariantDecember 7th, 2009
Settlers of Catan: 5-6 player expansion: Larger hand size1.0VariantAugust 3rd, 2009
Age of Mythology Variant1.1.0VariantJuly 27th, 2009
Carcassonne: No Farmers1.0VariantJune 12th, 2009
Vinci: Homemade edition1.1.0Variant & HomemadeJune 10th, 2009
Starcraft: Hexagon Map1.1.0VariantMay 22nd, 2009
Puerto Rico: French translation reference1.0.0MaterialMay 12th, 2009
Settlers of Catan: French translation reference1.0.0MaterialMay 8th, 2009
Shadow over Camelot: Player balance1.0.0VariantMay 3rd, 2009
Arena Maximus variant1.0.0VariantApril 1st, 2009
Arkham Horror: Gate Crack and Simultaneous Play1.0.0VariantMarch 17th, 2009
Stratego Duel Masters: Special abilities1.0.0VariantMarch 17th, 2009
Starcraft: Starcraft Lite1.1.0VariantJanuary 7th, 2009
Arkham Horror: Scenario from Fantasy Flight Games1.0.0MaterialDecember 13th, 2008
Delayed reserve1.0.0VariantSept 29th, 2008
Puerto Rico Variant1.0VariantMarch 3rd, 2008
Big Idea, the: Reward for creativity1.0VariantMarch 3rd, 2008
Micropul: Blancing scoring1.0VariantMarch 3rd, 2008
The Big Idea: paper money1.0.0MaterialNovember 30th 2007
Liar's Dice: Homemade edition1.0.0Homemade???

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