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On this page you can see various pictures which does not have yet their own website or page. I will place either variant material, generic components, or components I made for games which are not even defined yet. FOr the game ideas, I will place the most important picture for each game idea. This way, people are going to be able to glance at the games I have. The other pictures will be on their respective board game ideas pages in the "Board game idea" section.

My board Games Section

note: sometimes I forget to update the pictures on this page with the most recent version.

Generic Components

This is almost all the generic components I have to make prototypes.

Game ideas Pictures

These are picture which can be found on the board games section. They are pictures of some ideas I have made so far. I will only place 1 picture for each game, possibly the most recent one. There is a link to the game idea to get a complete description of the game.

A few blasters in the snow

Big trouble in Japan

Dragon Realm


Hacker Express

Larienna's Dark Tower

Nes Mania



The Pawn King

Pocket Fairy

Pacific Storm

Rats Craft

Shadow: Spirit of the Ninja

Spellcraft: Early Wars

Spellcraft: Rise of the Sorcerers

Sub Attack

War Mecha

Wrath of the Dark Prince

Game Variants

Age of Mythology Melting Pot

Dune Express Alliances

Starcraft Hexmap


Undefined prototypes

A fantasy Game (No name yet)

some material I made for a game designed on the spot

Fantasy Battle Arena Game (Undefined name)

This is a prototype I tried for a quick idea, I wanted to design a game which combined ideas from Summonner's war and Lord of the Rings confrontation. I used eclipse hex tiles and duel masters cards as an improvised prototype. But it did not manage to work well, it seems there is no way to pass through the enemy line.

Cosmic Encounter Style Game

This is a blind playtest for an idea of making a cosmic encounter style game but with more diplomacy and by placing the colors for attacking on the cards. I also borrowed some ideas from Dune Express alliance system. Religious warfare could be a theme that makes sense with the mechanics of the game.

Football Chess

This is some sort of a remake attempt of an improvised game I made when I was a kid. I called it foot ball chess, I used the chess pieces in a pattern similar to the above and the goal was to bring any piece on the opposing end of the board without getting captured. I tried to test a similar idea by redefining the pieces moves which are mostly octogonal and diagonal. But I also use a suggestion I made for another guy bu using units that push or jump over unit but that does not capture unit.

The experience is quite different because more pieces stay on the board, but it's not quite playable right now. It would need a lot of tweaking.

Board game variants prototypes

These are also prototype pictures for board games that are already published.

Illuminati Deluxe

Attempt to make a variant focused on victory points

Twilight Imperium

Obsolete material I made for a TI variant.

For more information about this variant, look at the archives:


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