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This list of pages that either received the most visits or that are the best rated users. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to list pages by number of visits, so until I find a way, I have to do it manually. This page is more useful for me because it allow me to know people interests. But having to do it manually might be too long for what it's worth.

Top 20 rated game ideas

Three Kingdoms: The art of war (modified on 2018-03-09) 5 stars

This game would be a board game version of the famous romance of the 3 kingdoms historical period. The game will also try to add many of the concepts found in the "Art of war" manual.

Spell Wards: Rival Sorcerers (modified on 2018-03-09) 5 stars

A master of magic micro game where each players use a deck of 18 cards to manage his city and covenant while trying to eliminate the opposing rival wizard in the same area.

Console Wars (modified on 2016-11-25) 5 stars

Each player is a company that design and produce video game and consoles. The idea is to publish games and reseach new technology to design the best console.

Hacker Express (modified on 2016-06-30) 5 stars

An attempt to make an express dice game out of Steve Jackson's board game Hacker.

Orion (not the official title) (modified on 2018-01-12) 5 stars

An epic space conquest game where each player plays a race that wants to control the galaxy.

Dragon Realm (modified on 2017-08-29) 5 stars

Players control a family of dragon that wishes to conquer the kingdoms of the land.

Big trouble in Japan (modified on 2015-02-11) 4.5 stars

A game where you fight for control of japan, in a very unusual way, through the ancient, modern and high tech age. New ideas consist in making this a civilization game that occurs only in Japan.

Shadow: Spirit of the ninja (modified on 2018-01-12) 4.5 stars

A cooperative ninja game where players attacks a location and try to fulfill their missions. The game focus more on the strategic aspect rather than the tactical aspect (How do I kill this guy)

Dracula's Castle or Nightmare Hunter (modified on 2016-12-03) 4.5 stars

Each player plays a character who needs to find or do something in dracula's castle. Dracula, which is played by a player, might not like it which could force the player to hunt down Dracula.

EricIan (modified on 2016-06-29) 4 stars

A game of modern warfare where each player controls a series of units and tries to capture cities on the board

War Mecha (modified on 2017-01-29) 4 stars

A tactical mecha battlefield game that use a deck of cards as character sheet.

Castle Siege (modified on 2016-12-04) 4 stars

A game where you siege a castle, one player is the defender and the other one is the attacker. Players have access to various kinds of units and castle layout to spice things up

War of steel (modified on 2014-07-29) 4 stars

A fictional war game that combines ideas from the first and second world war with science fiction. The basic idea is that you follow the evolution of you country, in a world war theme, and you try to make the best out of it.

Spellcraft: Rise of the Sorcerers (modified on 2018-02-10) 4 stars

An epic, civilization like, game where you play a powerful wizard that wants to control the world. The primary objective is to remake Master of Magic as a board game.

Another 19th Century Train Game (modified on 2014-07-28) 4 stars

This game could be summarised as 18XX meets Puerto Rico.

Pocket Fairy: Adventures in Fairy Land (modified on 2014-11-07) 4 stars

An adventure game where players play a fairy. Various adventures can be played with the same game and players can create their own.

Eldritch Express (modified on 2018-03-27) 3.5 stars

An eldritch Horror dice game that plays in an hour

Spaceship Rally (modified on 2017-07-04) 3 stars

You design and follow the deeds of a small space ship and it's crew that will perform various space rally. A rally is a series of objectives and obstacles that will give points. The better you perform, the more money you receive to pay your crew and upgrade your ship.

Sub Attack (modified on 2014-07-29) 3 stars

A simple submarine game where a player hunt the ships of another player's fleet.

Drakian War (modified on 2014-07-28) 3 stars

Some sort of non-collectible card game where each player control a base on a planet and try to capture their opponent's base.

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