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This page tries to list all the new stuff that has been added to this site. It list various contents of the web side according to the date of the page. It's an easy way to know "what's up" in a glance.

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Scarab Lords: Action Point variant1.0 + 1.1VariantMarch 11th, 2017
Eldritch Express1.1GameMay 21st, 2016
Eldritch Express1.0GameDecember 7th, 2015

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Newest Board Game Ideas

One Corp, to rule them all (2017-04-15)

A solitaire or 2 player financial game where players needs to make the largest corporation by acquiring and fusion companies

Spell Wards: Rival Sorcerers (2018-03-09)

A master of magic micro game where each players use a deck of 18 cards to manage his city and covenant while trying to eliminate the opposing rival wizard in the same area.

Dark World: Hacking Console (2016-10-30)

A solitaire deck building game where you play a hacker who want to infiltrate a cluster of servers while the admin try everything to stop you.

Latest Board Game Ideas modifications

Eldritch Express (2018-03-27)

An eldritch Horror dice game that plays in an hour

Spell Wards: Rival Sorcerers (2018-03-09)

A master of magic micro game where each players use a deck of 18 cards to manage his city and covenant while trying to eliminate the opposing rival wizard in the same area.

Three Kingdoms: The art of war (2018-03-09)

This game would be a board game version of the famous romance of the 3 kingdoms historical period. The game will also try to add many of the concepts found in the "Art of war" manual.

Newest Board Game Variant

Mahjong: Mahjong Rummy (2018-04-15)

Use the Mahjong tileset to play a game similar to rummy.

San Juan: Doubloons on the prospector (2017-03-24)

A small variant that add doubloons on the propector when not used to make it worth taking.

Scarab Lords: Action Point Variant (2017-03-11)

This variant makes a few modifications to the rules in order to make the game easier to teach, allow the losing player to catch up and react to his opponent, allow to use the white cards in the base game without customizing decks and gives you more time to build your empire. On the other hand, the game is longer, probably around an hour, and it could be harder to win by supremacy, so the game is more likely to end by lack of cards.

Newest Board Game Material

Viktory 2: Alternate Reference Sheet (2012-11-21)

Custom reference sheet designed to include a selection of official and personal variants.

Arkham Horror: Scenario from Fantasy Flight Games (2010-07-13)

This is the scenario cards found on the FFG web site that has been re-organised on three 8x11 pages to be easier to print.

Puerto Rico: French translation reference <Référence de traduction fançaise> (2010-07-13)

Some reference sheet of the roles and buildings to help french speaking people play the game in english. <Des feuilles de références des rôles et des bâtiments pour aider les francophones à jouer le jeu en anglais>

Game Design Knowledge

Newest Game design Article

How to make video strategy games feel like board games (2017-03-20)

A series of restrictions to apply to strategy video games to make them feel more like board games and avoid the many pitfalls of strategy video games.

Differences between Board Game and Video Game design (2017-03-20)

Briefly explain the main differences between desiging board games versus turn based strategy video games

The four 'S': Small, Simple, Short, Social (2016-12-21)

This are article explain 4 important aspect that should be considered when making a board game. Else it would be more appropriate to use another medium than board games.

Newest Game design Material

Probability Tables (2010-07-13)

This is a series of pre-calculated probability table I made for one of my game

Board game design material (2013-12-15)

Newest Book Summaries

The Game Inventor's Guidebook (2013-04-04)

This book focus on the publishing aspect of board games. It talks about how the industry works and how to approach publishers.

Gamestorming: A playbook for innovators, Rulebreakers and Changemakers (2011-03-29)

This is a book about a new type of brainstorming called Gamestorming. It has nothing related to game design, but could be used for game design.

The art of game design: A book of lenses (2011-03-29)

An excellent book that explain the various concepts of game design. The author has more experience in video game design but still all the concepts he explains can be applied to board game design


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