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Welcome to Larienna's Library!

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This is my personal board game designer website. You will find here all the work I have done so far. There are many things here that could interest you. On this site you can find:

  • Guides and handbook: there is a series of guides that I wrote that can help you for doing various kinds of jobs related to board game like protecting your games or building printed games.
  • Board Game : You can find various information about board games I design. I do not design free games (see below), so you will find there mostly historical information about the game, picture, etc. This can allow you to know if the game I have design is right for you. Each of my board game have it's own web site.
  • Board Game Variants: I do not design free games but I do a lot of variants which are free since the original games are not mine. The idea of a variant is to change the rules of the game in order to improve the game. Improvement is relative to the tastes of the players as some people might like or not the variant. So I would rather say that a variant game better for certain groups of people. You can download here the rules and the print-outs of all the variants I have designed. These files are also available on board game geek.
  • Board Game Material: This section can contain any kind of complementary material which does no change any how the original rules of the game. You can find here reference sheets, traductions, etc. You will also find home made editions of games here. So just look if one of your game is in the list and see if it could be useful to you.
  • Prototype Pictures: I place here any pictures of the prototypes I have which does not have a website of it's own yet. Else the picture can be found on the appropriate site. I also post variant pictures, which does not have their own pages.
  • Board Games Design Articles: You are a board game designer and you want to have some information to improve your own design? I have a series of articles that contains various kind of design information. Some of this information could be useful or not for you. Most of these articles are my own writing but sometimes I compile various texts together. In that case I will try to specify the authors.
  • Board Game Design Material: You will find there any information useful in board game design which is much more objective than what is found in the game design articles. For example, you can find tables of probabilities, reference information, lists of information, etc.
  • Book Summaries: When I have the time, I read some game design books. I have access to many electronic versions of game design books that I find on Books 24x7. Since people don't have the time to read, I thought that making a summary of what I read could make people grasp important game design concepts faster and it allows me to quickly glance at the content of a book I already read.

For now, this is all you can find here. I am always looking for playtesters for either my variants or my board games. If you ever playtest or read one of my variant, I would like to get feedback if possible. If you want to playtest one of my games, send me an e-mail and i will see.

You can contact me by e-mail at ericp[at]lariennalibrary.com

Thank You

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