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Board game design by modelling

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This is a guide about designing board games using a modelling approach similar to what is used in computer software design. The ideas os to give a structure to the design progress and avoid many design issues like mechanic shopping. the method is completely experiemental and it will be testes while I am writting this guide, so not only it will be a case study, but changes could also occur on the content. I am not sure that the end results will be very positive.

So through all the guide, I'll be using as an example one of my game in design current called "The Fallen Empire of Japan" which is a solo pirate/merchant open world sandbox board game that takes place in a world war 2 settings. A bit weird but looks intriguing. For more information, here is the project's page.

The Fallen Empire of Japan project page

There is the table of contents which should evolve with time.


Computer modeling crash course

Applying to board games

Board Game modeling Example - Part 1


  • Retrospective of the results

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