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Tower of Wizardry

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Status: CLOSED

  • No idea of the mechanics
  • Reopened the video game remake of Wizardry

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 1 - 6 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 90 minutes

This game idea should be obsolete and be implemented instead as a Video Game called wizardry legacy since the project has been reopened. Still some ideas from here could be used for other game design


Players control a party of heroes that adventure themselves in a tower ruled by a mad wizard that lives at the top of the tower.


The player must try to build a party powerful enough to climb the tower and kill the mad wizard at the top of it. Each floor contains more and more dangerous stuff that could happen to your heroes. Sometimes heroes dies and must be replaced. As the game progress, heroes accomplish stuff on each level of the tower which makes the progression through these levels easier later. Players must constantly go to the tower and get back to town to heal and powerup themselves.


The primary source of inspiration is the "wizardry" video game. I intend to have a game with the same type of nasty things that could happen to your characters. There is also the "tower of daruga" anime series which is also inspired on a video game and there is the "thunder stone" card game which fits with the same idea.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: This game would need to completely change it's approach and not be a board game of wizardry.
Video vs Board Game: Could be implemented on both if the approache is changed.
Single vs Multi player: Single player could be possible, you could manage a team of hero trying to climb a tower.
Rating = 3/12


? Cartography: It's too early to really know, but there are many ways to abstract this with levels, or graphs that cartography might not be required.
? Scripting: Too early in the game design to really know.


I expect to use cards for the events and creatures that can be encountered at each leve of the tower. It has the advantage of making the game more flexible and allowing players to adjust the height of the tower the way they like it.

For the characters, I am really not sure. They will probably need some sort of power up features, but I do not want to have a shit load of equipment cards for each character since you might get up to 6 characters and since characters might die fast. So I thought of maybe having a large card for each character and everything else would be recorded as track. So if for example, you get a weapon upgrade, you will increase a track on your characters.

Else, I might give double function to cards, and for example, a killed monster card could have a magic weapon on it so that you could simply place the monster card under your character and show that new weapon.

News, changes and updates

February 27th, 2010: I am not sure yet, but I think it would be interesting to convert this game as dungeon crawler without any game master. To make things easier to manage, players would not move on individual squares but rather from a room to another. This way, it's easier to move enemies for example, since you do not need to move them inside a room.

September 11th, 2011: Another idea is to use a semi-deck building mechanic for this game. In order to to be able to manage a party of characters without having to calculate the moves of every character, and idea I had is that you have a deck of cards that contains you different attacks, skills, and spells.

Then as a deck building game, you draw a new hand every turn/battle and you can use the cards in your hand to make your character acts. Some character will be able to use certain cards. So this would be your card play restriction. So for example, if you draw 2 fireballs and only one of your character can use it, then you can only use 1 fireball card per turn. Character could add bonus to certain cards.

If there is some experience and level up, this would be done as buying cards for your deck as a deck building game. It prevent the need to keep track of individual character stats and improvement. The characters will always stay the same, it's their skills that would change.

May 6th, 2012: I just want to say that I have started in April 2012 to work again on the video game called wizardry legacy which is a remake of the wizardry video games. So it's possible that this project get's aborted if the video game is completed.

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