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Status: CLOSED

  • Vague idea of the mechanics
  • Multiplayer is essential to make the game work
  • Rules could fit on a page.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 4 - 12 players
Expected Play time: 15 - 30 minutes


A board game that requires no table where players exchange objects and try to control other players.


Create a game where no table are required. Players will have a hand of cards and they will only trade and exchange cards between themselves. Players needs to either collect items of the same set or give away items of a set and use the master item to control the players that own the same type of item (think lord or the rings).


Lord of the rings is the primary source of inspiration, it's even from there that I got my title idea. I might get card exchange ideas from games like Banzai and Pit.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Mechanic based, but little clu on how it could work. The little amount of similar games, makes it hard to find mechancis.
Video vs Board Game: Could probably be played as a video game, but since no table, maybe adding bluffing mechanics would be essential.
Single vs Multi player: This must be a multiplayer game, don't see how it could work as a table less single player game.
Rating = 2/12


+ No Cartography: There is no maps, only cards in hands.
? Scripting: I don't think there will be special powers. But again, too soon to decide.


Each player will have a hand of cards with various objects. The more player there is, the more items sets you add to the game. It is possible that some items sets are larger than others.

The primary objective is to give away items to other players and keep the master item. There will be various kind of items: rings, bracelet, gems, weapons, etc. Then after some time, if you decide to reveal the master item, you take control of all the players that have the items of the same type. People you control are worth points. One of the objective could be to control each player.

When the master items is revealed, the cards are hold face up in the players hand so that people know who is controlling who and who has not been controlled yet. It is possible that you get a certain advantage or special power over players you control.

The second objective is to control all the items in the same set. If you do this, you gain a large amount of power. Probably 1 point for every item you control. So either you collect or either you try to distribute cards.

Now are the cards are going to move is a bit undefined yet. An easy solution would be to pass a card to the left or right. I think I could borrow various card movement method from many other games like Banzai and Pit. Maybe you could trade X cards with another player if all the cards are the same. Not sure if I want a real time game or a turn by turn game.

I want something that gets played relatively fast, but I might not want a chaotic real time game. So I'll have to thing about it.

Problems that prevent development

I think that finding the right way to make the cards move around the board would be the biggest problem.

Else it's how the cards are going to be distributed. Are all the item sets the same size? I thought that when you add players you add item sets which becomes bigger and bigger. If items set are all the same size, I might not need to count points. If you make an item set you win.

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