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Suburban Prestige (name to be changed)

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Fair (6/10) Interesting but a lot of things are missing.
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Status: CLOSED

  • Multiplayer game is essential.
  • Maybe a board game is necessary, there could be trash talk.
  • have a vague idea of the mechanics.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 6 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 60 minutes


Each players owns a house and they want to buy stuff around the house to impress their neighbor. The goal is to be the most prestigious house on the street.


People must follow the theory of "Me too" and "Mine is better than yours". They want to buy stuff in their back yard to be cooler or better than their neighbor. So players compete to know who is going to have the coolest barbecue, the most beautiful flower combination and the greatest swimming pool.


This is one of my girlfriend's idea who have lived in a suburban area and have actually experienced this. We were talking about how ridiculous it was and we thought of making a game out of it.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Based on theme, various mechanics option are possible.
Video vs Board Game: Could be played as both board and video game. But board game could add a nice social aspect even if not essential for gameplay.
Single vs Multi player: Single player is impossible as the goal is to be better than the other players.
Rating = 2/12


? Cartography: There is no maps for this game. At most items could be put on a grid, but I am not sure if the position matters. Or if it's like Puerto Rico, you can place it anywhere.
? Scripting: This game should not require scripting unless there is special abilities like in puerto rico for each building..


At first glance, I was thinking of only making a card game. Players would get points, for example, if they buy something really popular at this time of the year.

My girlfriend suggested having a small house board an placing stuff in front and behind the house. In that case, the placement would have some impact on the game, Ex, if color matches, you gain a bonus. The house board also have the advantage that each player could have a scoring track around the board or on the house.

Problems that prevent development

The biggest problem so far was how to distribute the points. How should the demand and popularity be set. How should be points be allocated if there is a board, etc.

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