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Wrestler Manager

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Status: CLOSED

  • Essenially a multiplayer game due to negotiation
  • Rules will not fit on a page
  • I have a vague idea of how the game could work

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 3 - 5 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 120 minutes


Players are wrestler managers that create match between their wrestler to gain money, glory and titles. It might also be possible to do some acting through the game.


I want to make a game about wresting. I want a game where where you create events but also create stories. I even thought that it could be interesting to be able to act as a wrestlers like they do before combats.


Well any wrestling show is a good source of inspiration. Else, any game that have subjective resolution mechanics (for example: the big idea) could be a great source of idea.

New mechanics ideas could get their inspiration from a deck building game like Blood Bowl Team Manager

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Based on theme, but the discovery of the deck building mechanism for this game seems like and elegant solution.
Video vs Board Game: This game will probably be a board game only design due to the need to negotiate who is going to fight which wrestler. Also social interection like acting and insults could be added to help the ambiance.
Single vs Multi player: Single player would be cool, but I think multiplayer is essential for the whole experience of the game.
Rating = 7/12


+ No Cartography: This game have no maps.
? Scripting: It's not clear if wrestler move will only be data, or if there will be special powers.


First, there is the technical part where you manage wrestler, power it up. Create teams and alliances. Create a event that will list all the match done this week, in various combat style (ex: cage match), and will define title match.

Now in every wrestling show, there is some talking, some music, some fireworks, etc. I want to be able to recreate that feeling in the board game. So my first idea was that players could act before their match (ex: "Me, the big bear, is going to kick your ass next week. I will have revenge for your betrayal, bla bla bla, etc.").

Now, the only way for the talking to actually influence the game, if to make the player vote or choose something. This is why, my idea was that players would be able to influence battles by choosing which side they are going to support according to the performance of the players and according to the story results.

It might even be an objective, like gain extra points, that players want to make the story go wild and become less boring. Else , I have no idea besides make the most money how the game should be won. It might be possible that the time is determined by the players. Like, you can play as many weeks as you want. You can make a whole season if you want.

Problems that prevent development

As you can see the subjective part of the game is the most complex. I would need other source of ideas to make sure the game reach it's full potential.

News, changes and updates

January 20th, 2014: I randomly got this idea when doing my dishes. Convert the game as a deck building game. The idea would be that each player controls 2 or 3 wrestler. Then they can train their wrestler to buy cards for them that they would add to their deck. Each wrestler has his own cards, but share the same manager deck. When when manager's draw their cards, some wrestler will be stronger than others since they can have more cards from one than another.

Then players decides to do match up. They will probably challenge one after another and the opponent could refuse and take a penalty, or accept but add an extra condition. When all matchs are set up, unmatched characters will train even more, and the match are resolved.

During the match, players tries to play their card matching their character. The sequence of play is important as some counter attack other card for example. At the end, the side with the highest strength wins. It might be possible that a playr can only play cards if he managed to reverse the fight in his favor. (I could use also rune age as inspiration for battles)

It's also possible to make teams between your characters or with other player's characters. Team can only fight teams and you can use cards from both characters if you can switch the tag. There might also be some interference cards that could be used during the team match or during any match (outside interference).

The deck building mechanics looks truely awesome. There will still be acting, revenges and story build up possibilities, but it won't impact the results of the game besides the uses of interferences.

For character build up, to avoid having tons of cards to buy on the table since each character has his own set. Maybe you draw 3 cards from a character and buy 1 or discard a card in your hand for that character back to the deck. Eventually, the character will be harder to train. Higher than level 1 cards might require money that you could accumulate somehow through the course of the game. I prefer spending money tokens than using wrester cards as money.

Development log

29-jan-2017IdeaLike explained in my "War Mecha" game idea, it could be possible to resolve wrestler combat automatically using the War card mechanism where each side flip and resolve the top card until one side loses. Since combat is not the only mechanism in this game, it would fit to auto resolve battles.

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