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Dragon Realm

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Status: CLOSED

  • Essentially a multiplayer game
  • Rules should not fit on a page
  • not much idea of which mechanics to use

Progress: Partially Designed
Priority: High
Number of players: 2 - 6 players
Expected Play time: 60 - 120 minutes


Players control a family of dragon that wishes to conquer the kingdoms of the land.


Each player controls one of the 3 family of dragon ( Chromatic, Metallic and Mineral). Each family has various dragon types with special abilities. Each dragon controls a territory and some territories are owned by some kingdoms. Player will want to use their dragons to gain control of kingdoms to gain even more power and support. When a player successfully conquer X kingdoms, he wins.


There are various source of inspiration, first the world of dragon lance triggered the idea, second I liked the idea in the wyvern CCG that you control various dragons, in various territories and that you could upgrade them. Finally, I think I indirectly got inspiration form the "Sword and sails" Free PnP game for the idea of having preset kingdoms on the map and having 1 token (dragon in my case) per territory.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Based on theme, little related mechanics.
Video vs Board Game: Could be implemented as both a board game or video game.
Single vs Multi player: Multiplayer game only since clans fight each other. But could reduce to 2 player.
Rating = 2/12


- Cartography: Unless the actions does not take place on an hex map anymore, cartography is required.
- Scripting: Maybe mechanics are unclear, but if combat cards are used, there could be a need for scripting.


The board will be made of an hex map. Each hex can hold 1 dragon. There cannot be 2 dragons on the same hex because each of them want to control their domain. The map will also have kingdom areas with a capital city. If a family controls the capital and X territories, they gain control of the kingdom and get access to all it's resources without occupying each hex.

Dragons will be labeled power chips, they can have 2 modes, mobile: which allows them to move or attack OR control: which makes them control the area they are in and gain resources from their followers. Acquiring resources gives you cards that would powerup your dragons. Kingdoms also acquire resources, you will have to chose if the kingdoms or if your dragons get the resources.

Dragons can also breed, but it takes 2 dragon of the opposite sex to create a dragon that will take some turns before getting in.

I don't want to get into too much details yet because I am not sure yet how the game would go. There would be some negociation/decisions to do with the kingdoms and some kingdoms or territories might rebel themselves and attack the dragons. Their might be dragon riders that would power up the dragon unit in a different way than regular power up. Terrain type might also influence combat. Combats are probably going to be determined by dice rolls.

I am not sure right now if collected resources should be simple gold tokens of if they should be cards with unique abilities. Maybe I'll use gold for early prototyping.

Problems that prevent development

I am doing some initial test, so I have not encountered any major problems yet.

News, changes and updates

August 30th, 2012: I had some ideas lately to use my Lord of the Rings confrontation variant for Dragon realm. The idea is that you would roll 1 die for each point of strength the dragon has, the player who roll the most dice greater or equal to the TN wins. The advantage of a system like this is that the TN is adjustable to the player's taste if they want a more random or more strategic game.

Once the results are rolled, player will be allowed to use spell cards either before or after the roll to change the results of the battle. It's possible that instead of instead defeat, either you inflict damage, or either you wound your enemy on the first roll and kill on the second roll. That could give your opponent some chance to heal himself or retreat. Still I like the quick battle resolution, it forces the main game to be more strategic.

I am not sure but I was thinking that for dragon breath, all 6 rolled simply multiplied the number of "hits" it was worth. For example, if a dragon has a breath strength of 3, then each 6 is worth 3 hit. That could make the game much more random and unpredictable even when using a low TN.I'll see what kind of results it will give.

I am not still quite sure yet what is the objective of the game. Maybe controlling kingdoms could give VP when under control. Maybe killing an opponent dragon king or other important piece could be worth VP. OR maybe the player with most dragons when the first player is eliminated (end with duels in cases of ties). There is a lot of possibilities and I am currently not sure what is best.

I gave some thoughts to kingdoms, they will be placed between hex like houses in Settlers of catan. If you surround the castle, you control the kingdom and gain every turn 1 gold coin for each city connected to the castle. So bigger kingdom gives more gold. I might be possible to attack and destroy cities to prevent the city to generate gold.

I did not find much use to gold right now. I thought of hiring dragon slayers to assassinate enemy dragons, or dragon riders to power up a played dragons. Maybe the hand of spell could be powered, or spell could be inflated with gold. I don't think I would be allowed to level up dragons since I don't see how it can be done with the components I am using. So maybe instead of having kingdoms with an AI, dragons will spend gold to make the kingdoms or humanoids behave the way they want it.

December 10th, 2013: An idea could be that instead of controlling a hoard of dragons, you are only controlling 1 dragon with some kind of deck building game. I really like the hoard of dragons, but I am just exploring alternatives.

Prototype Pictures

1st prtotype used to test movement, reproduction and zone of control.

Development Log

18-jan-2020IdeaMaybe this idea could be adapted to the move 3 unit system.
18-jan-2020IdeaMaybe this game could be played without any maps. It might look close to a CCG game where dragons duel each other. Might look too close to Wyvern CCG.
29-AUG-2017themeI have just leard that dragons has a lot of presence in japanese and chinese culture. There were also worshiped like gods. So an interesting twist could be to use an asian theme. Instead of controlling a clan of dragons, maybe you control 1 dragon and try to get worshippers.
28-jul-2014IdeaI just had a flash. Maybe the creature tile game designed with fhisban could be adapted with dragon. Still more varity if you use different creatures. The main difference is that there only 5 types of dragons per player. So much more limited unit selection.
1-nov-2013IdeaA new idea that seems interesting is to make a deck building game. Instead of controlling a clan of dragon, you control 1 dragon that build up in strength, hunt for treasures that he can use to level up or stack them in his lair. Pushing your luck too far can bring the attention of dragon hunters. You can also attack other player's lair to steal their treasures.
1-nov-2013IdeaAn idea could be to make a 2 player game like LOTR controntation, maybe I could make different games with the same theme.
15-sep-2012Problem/IdeaRegarding the use of LOTR system, in that game, the piece information is hidden. I am no sure if that would be necessary for the system to work. Duel master board game had a similar system with open information and it worked. Considering that the game will be playable with more than 2 player, having hidden pieces will be much more complicated to implement. Still, it could be implemented like a block game (columbia games) and it could offer some interesting strategies. I'll meditate on it.
30-Aug-2012IdeaI had the idea to use a dice combat system I have designed for the Lord of the ring confrontation game.
30-Aug-2012IdeaControlling kingdoms could give gold which could be used to buy dragon slayers, dragon riders or other things

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