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Drakian War

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Very Good (10/10) The game is very interesting, make it as soon as possible.
Good (8/10) Great idea but some modifications are required.
Fair (6/10) Interesting but a lot of things are missing.
Bad (4/10) Would need to completely redesign the idea in order to work.
Very Bad (2/10) It will never be interesting, abandon the idea.
Already Exist (0/10) Do not waste time of this game idea.

Status: CLOSED

  • Partial idea of the mechanics, but with deckbuilding the problem is solved.
  • Could be a 2 player game, but will probably end up multiplayer like rune age.
  • Rules will not fit in a page.
  • Not much anything innovative out of this game.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 4 players
Expected Play time: 15 - 60 minutes


Some sort of non-collectible card game where each player control a base on a planet and try to capture their opponent's base.


The primary objective was to make a card game out of a real-time-strategy like video game. It could eventually change.


I first got this game idea after playing different kind of Real-time strategy. The idea was that you built buildings, units and technologies to build your base and attack your opponent. Duel masters CCG could have given me some ideas to solve some problems with this game. Dominion and the Starcraft deck building mechanic could also be a source of inspiration.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: The theme is very thin and it mostly based on mechanics, but I had to do some changes to make it work.
Video vs Board Game: There is not really any restriction of medium.
Single vs Multi player: Must be played multiplayer or as a 2 player game.
Rating = 5/12


+ No Cartography: Since it's so far a card game, no cartography could be required. Unless the game change.
- Scripting: Scripts are required for cards special abilities.


At the beginning, you simply paid resources to build buildings that allowed you to place units and technologies. I quickly realized that now the buildings were more essential and you needed a lot of them in your deck like the lands in map.

If I remember correctly, my new idea was either to use a deck construction mechanic like in Dominion and starcraft OR use have multiple use cards like in san juan and race for the galaxy. Or use a combination of both. One thing for sure is that each faction will have it's own set of cards with ability of it's own.

Problems that prevent development

The first problem I had was the buildings that were required like lands. So that put the game on the ice. I had new ideas for the mechanics and did not make any prototype afterward. If every faction is different, it will lead to some complications to balance the units.

News, changes and updates

December 19th 2013: I could use a deck building mechanic. This way, the cycling of the building will be much more faster. Still, I could easily end up with something like rune age which I like but which I do not want to clone. An alternate idea would be that units stay on the board until destroyed, or they go back in the deck if damaged for repairs. That would un-clutter the deck.

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