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Pocket Fairy: Adventures in Fairy Land

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Good (8/10) Great idea but some modifications are required.
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Status: CLOSED

  • Single player and multiplayer are possible.
  • Core rules could fit on a page, adventure rules will be variable.
  • I have a rough idea of the mechanics I want.
  • The lack of players makes it very hard to play test multiple games into one. Would need to be some kind of toy or tool.

progress: Partially designed
Priority: High
Number of players: 2-6
Expected Play time: 60min, but highly variable


An adventure game where players play a fairy. Various adventures can be played with the same game and players can create their own.

The idea behind this game has changed. Instead of being a card game, it's now a board game. It could be possible later to create a card game with the same theme.


Make a game about fairies where you can have various adventures in fairy land. I also want a game that can be played by both children and adults.


I am a great fan of fairies, so any fairy lore is a source of inspiration.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: based on theme, after many exploration, I have a rough idea of the mechanics. Still, since it's more a game system, I only need to design the core rules. While game rules will be set in the adventure.
Video vs Board Game: Should be designed as a board game to allow people to easily create their own adventure.
Single vs Multi player: Some adventures could be single player, but there will be multiplayer adventures.
Rating = 8/12


? Cartography: The game should require cartography, but probably multihop graph or just graphs with values on edges. So not sure a grid will be necessary.
+ No Scripting: Components are designed to be reused in various game, so having no text really help.


This game is more emotional and might be targeted more for kids. I took a hard time before figuring out something that could work. First I was thinking of making fairy duels but I though it was bad to have combat over a cute fairy theme.

So my second idea is that you should be able to know and learn the personality of your fairy like if it was an actual real fairy that rested on your shoulder. So I thought of using a stat deck system where before playing, you design your fairy by making a deck. In the rules, you will not have completely control on which card gets in your deck, but you could always cheat and make a deck as you like it.

This deck of card will be like a piece pack game. It would allow you to play various kinds of game with it. Since each deck/fairy is different, each game will be played differently. So you will need to learn the strength and weakness of your fairy and play games using a strategy that would fit best for your fairy.

I also thought of adding equipment and food cards, but I am not sure about it yet.

The game has now evolved into something else, see the update section below.

News, changes and updates

February 10th, 2012: The modifications designed a long time ago but I think I don't think I ever though of updating this page. The structure of the game has received major changes, it will not be a card game any more, still there will be cards used in the game, it will be a board game which will work like an adventure game.

The idea of an adventure game is that fairies(players will move from a location to another. Some locations will have encounters while others will be friendly areas where fairies can rest and get various upgrades. The board will be modular making sure you can have a different fairy land all the time.

Now each game will use a different adventure which will change some rules and the objectives of the game while keeping the core rules intact. So you can end up with a treasure hunting game, Racing game, investigation game, etc.

The new updates found recently is that it will not exactly be a roll and move game. Instead of moving on a strip of space, I might use point to point movement where each path has a value. You need to roll and exceed the value to be able to cross the path, else you need to choose another path. The idea is that it will save some board space, prevent the need to count space, make sure players will stumble on encounter space, etc.

For the characters stats and rolls, in oder to have a bit of strategy, I was first thinking to allow players to assign dice after they are rolled, but I came up with a much more simple system. The stat of the fairy determine the number of dice you roll and you keep the highest die from the lot. Each time you roll for a stat, you reduce your stat by 1 point. So the more you use a stat, the less efficient your fairy become. You need to rest in order to recover the lost dice. Some items can boost or recover stats. The 3 stats so far are speed (movement), strength(combat), Cunning(Traps & encounters).

Since fairies does not have any currency, they can only trade items. Each item will have a value that might be determined by how shiny it is. Players will be able to trade items with merchant if they exchange goods for the same value. Some special areas, like for example traders, will have some sheet placed outside the board to indicate what is for same. According to the tiles used to create the world, there might be some side sheets required. This modularity will make it easy to add and remove stuff from the board.

December 10th, 2013: I might intend to use the same dice system for all my adventure games that is similar to the combat variant I designed for Dungeon Quest. If only requires 4 dices of different color. I was thinking to work on this game but since there is little development so far and since there are various games possible, I might put it on hold. I am not sure if I should work on this game before my other adventure game to use is as a tool to work on the other games. Or if I should rather work on this game after the other adventure games due to the large possibility of adventures.

Prototype Pictures

First Prototype - Hunting gameFirst Prototype - Rally game

Development log

17-nov-2013ideaCould use random scenario like kingdom builder
26-Mar-2012PlaytestThe initial playtest were interesting. I tried 2 improvised small games and it seem to work OK. Since movement might be too important, it could not be part of the character's stats.
26-Mar-2012IdeaNot all game will use all the character stats. So lighter game will use less or even no stats while heavier games will use all of them. THis is why movement speed needs to be independent from character stats, else in a game where only movement is used, fairies that are slower will be disadvantaged.
10-Feb-2012IdeaRetranscription of the major update regarding changing the game to an adventure board game.
10-Feb-2012IdeaNew idea of having point to point movement and a character stat system that exhaust it self with usage forcing characters to rest.

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Prototype Pictures

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News, changes and updates

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