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Pirates and Ninjas

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Status: CLOSED

  • Will have to explore the possibilities for single player game
  • I have little ideas how the game could work
  • Maybe retheme as cyber hacking game and combine with other hacker ideas.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 6 players
Expected Play time: 60 - 90 minutes


Each player plays a group of pirates and ninja's. The ninja's are hidden on the board and travel by land while the pirates travel by sea. The game could be re-themed as an hacker game.


Make a game that combines ninjas and pirates working together.


The "age of booty" video game is my primary source of inspiration. First I wanted to make a board game version of the video game, then I realized that it somewhat did not make sense that pirate capture and control cities while they generally only want to plunder the resources. So I don't know exactly what I want.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Based on theme, have little idea of which mechanic to use.
Video vs Board Game: There is no platform restriction for this one.
Single vs Multi player: Having a single player option is not bad. Could actually make the game work.
Rating = 3/12


? Cartography: there should be maps, but graph could be enough. I don't know enough about the mechanics.
? Scripting: Again, don't know enough about the game to determine if scripting is required.


Ninja would travel secretly and would be allowed to make surprise attacks. Players would use card to indicate their ninja's location. While pirates wanders in the seas, intercept cargo ships passing by and travel from a city to another. There would be many ways to upgrade your pirates and your ninjas

Now an idea I had is that players does not directly fight each other. There are either one or many nation that control the islands and that is the common enemy of all players. I even thought that these nations could be waging war with each other and players needs to use their pirate and ninjas to change the balance of power. But I am not sure about it yet.

Problems that prevent development

The main problem is that the objectives of the game has not been clearly defined yet. Hidden movement does not seem to be a real problem if there are not too much locations to move on.

News, changes and updates

July 11th, 2010: I recently had the idea that this game could be re-themed as an internet hacking game. Player would control different kinds of characters: pirates, ninjas (somebody said there were also vikings in the original theme, so why not add them) which each have different functions. For example, the pirate will steal stuff and move around. While the ninja will infiltrate areas, gather information and then strike. The vikings could simply make a massive raid attack. The map will consist of a series of connected server and the player will move his characters around the board to fulfill his objectives while running away from defensive security measures.

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