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Speculative bubbles

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Good (8/10) Great idea but some modifications are required.
Fair (6/10) Interesting but a lot of things are missing.
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Status: OPEN

  • I know which mechanics to use
  • Essentially a multiplayer game, as a board game since trash talk is necessary
  • Rules can fit on a page.
  • Reopened because could be finished and investigating for solitaire play

Progress: Prototyped
Priority: High
Number of players: 1 - 8 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 90 minutes, or infinite


A simple stock ticker game using cards.


Make a simple stock ticker board game that could use a bit more strategy or influence than a completely random game. The map would be simplified and I want the game to be relatively small and printable at gamecrafters.


Stock ticker board game and one idea from "third world debt" and Automobile.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: I have a clear idea of the mechanics since it's based on stock ticker. I made new progress that should make the game interesting while keeping it simple.
Video vs Board Game: Playable on both platform, but much more interesting as a board game for social interaction.
Single vs Multi player: Could be played single player, the challenge would consist in beating your high score or adding restrictions or accomplishing scenarios.
Rating = 9/12


+ No Cartography: This game has no need for multi dimensional maps.
+ No Scripting: This game has no special abilities requiring the need of unique scripts.


I thought of using a deck of card to indicate the change of value to each stock so that you could try to anticipate the movement of the stock according to what has been drawn. Another idea was that players collectively select which card get's played so that they could have some influence on the market. But the problem is that it makes the game too long. Or allow the layers to view a part of the cards that are going to get used, so that they have some information.

Problems that prevent development

The biggest problem is to make a card system that actually reflect correctly how a stock market should work. For example, it should be possible to have slow raise and fast drop in the price.

News, changes and updates

December 8th, 2013: I think I can make this game work if I make it very similar to stock ticker. The concept would be simple. Instead of rolling dice, each player has between 1-3 cards with some of the stock movement information. So players has part of the information like automobile.

All players buy and sell their stocks. When done, they all reveal their cards and adjust the market. If a commodity get's too much bubbles, the bubble bust and the share value is divided by half. You could optionally make players manipulate the cards (add-remove cards) in their hand. You could also start in debt where you need to pay interest at the end of each turn and allow players to borrow money through the game.

The concept is so simple that I don't see how it could fail. One of my friend is interested in playing a good stock market game. I might propose him this idea.

January 13th, 2020: After many years of waiting, I could be close to unlocking this game to make it my first game crafter's game. I found how to make the bubble burst mechanic works, I added a few new mechanism like bonds, and premium shares. The greatest challenge is again the market cards.

I am currently making a computer program to test various combinations of values and analyse the results to simulate games. I intend to make a digital prototype for rapid playtesting. I would eventually implement it with black book too. I checked the pieces prices on gamecrafters, and so far, the game could cost around 40$ USD. The biggest cost is the share certificate cards.

To my surprise, there seems to be an important demand for a solitaire stock market board game. So I am exploring new possibilities, like scenarios or challenges to make solitaire gameplay more interesting than just exceeding your high score.

Prototype Pictures

Paper stocks (technology stock is missing)

Cards that makes the value change

Catan like roll system attempt

Forum thread

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Development Log

20-aug-16IdeaThis could be a different game idea, but after playing "Rolling Stock", I though that it could be possible to make a solitaire deck building game, maybe this game can be adapted for solitaire, or a new solitaire game could be made

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