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Hide and seek (name to be changed)

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Fair (6/10) Interesting but a lot of things are missing.
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Status: CLOSED

  • No idea which mechanics to use
  • Essentially a board game due to traitor mechanic
  • Multiplayer is essential for this game
  • rules could probably fit on a page, depends on which mechanic I will use.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 4 - 6 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 60 minutes


The game takes place in some sort of maze where the players try to run aways from the monsters. One of the player is a traitor and actually wants the player to lose


Try to recreate the feeling I had while watching an anime movie.


I got this idea after watching a short anime movie that I don't know the name. I do not have any inspiration from other games. Maybe the traitor mechanic in "shadow over camelot" will help in the design.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: I have no idea of which mechanics could be used.
Video vs Board Game: Board game might be a necessity due to the traitor and bluffing.
Single vs Multi player: This must be a multiplayer game
Rating = 4/12


- Cartography: Cartography is required to move and hide around the map.
? Scripting: It's not clear if scripts will be used. It's possible that it could be hardcoded due to the so few scripts.


Players are going to select secretly which monster will move and the players will move the monster to catch the closest player.

Player will be able to invoke the renegade character which can save him, but it the traitor catch the renegade, the traitor wins. So players must decide carefully when it should be best to use the renegade.

Problems that prevent development

This game has not been prototypes yet, the major problem that could arise from this game is the hidden stuff mechanics. The traitor must be able to do thing without being covered too easily.

Development Log

6-aug-2016IdeaI got ideas for some bluffing games where you move opposing characters or enemies so that the players try to guess who is the traitor according to his action. For example, a player might open a path for a character and block a path or another character to help his own character to move and maybe indirectly hinder the other player if he is the traitor, else it's just a coincidence.

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