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Sub Attack

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Very Good (10/10) The game is very interesting, make it as soon as possible.
Good (8/10) Great idea but some modifications are required.
Fair (6/10) Interesting but a lot of things are missing.
Bad (4/10) Would need to completely redesign the idea in order to work.
Very Bad (2/10) It will never be interesting, abandon the idea.
Already Exist (0/10) Do not waste time of this game idea.

Status: CLOSED

  • Must be a 2 player game due to hidden information
  • else need to do some research for single player tactical games.
  • rules could probably fit in a page.
  • not much innovation in there.

Progress: Prototyped
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 4 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 60 minutes


A simple submarine game where a player hunt the ships of another player's fleet.


I got this idea when I was playing "pacific theather of operation II" video game and I had a lot of fun when playing a submarine battle where I tried to fool the computer by doing hits and run and sunk most of the ships. I thought I could recreate this experience with this game.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Based on a mechanic from a video game. Still have a lot of things to define to add more depth.
Video vs Board Game: Could be played as a video or board game.
Single vs Multi player: Multiplayer is a must because of the tactical manoeuvring.
Rating = 5/12


- Cartography: Since it's tactical battle cartography is essential
+ No Scripting: There is no need for scripts, only values.


It's mainly a tactical game, but the submarine movement are hidden. So players attempt to guess where the submarine is in order to attack him. SO it is also some sort of light deduction game. The only thing the player know is which ship got hit from where.

To add replay value and more complexity in the investigation, I might allow different configuration of fleets and especially submarines which are going to be able various stats and abilities. So the fleet is going to have a bit of surprises in every battle.

It would also be possible to play more submarines VS more ships. Each extra submarine is played by a player.

Problems that prevent development

I made a prototype did a few playtest but never had a chance to play with real people. I also have to do some research to know how a submarine in world war 2 works. This is going to give me idea of the equipment you can place on your submarine.

Prototype Pictures

An example of game where a ship receives his first attack. The submarine is revealed.

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